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Story Writing Competition for all

26 Mar 2020

Story writing 

Open to all ages and abilities!


our challenge is....
                                   to write 500 - 600 words.

The title of the story is:
The Seahorse.
You can interpret this any way you want!
Type your piece of writing, or persuade someone to type it for you, and e-mail to:
jane.kmldpc@gmail.com by Thursday 30th April.
If you want your name on it, write
The Seahorse, by [name].
If you don't want to show your name, write
The Seahorse, by Anon.
Illustrations can be sent as photos or scanned.
The completed pieces will be published on our community website.
Please share with anyone who doesn't have a computer.
We'll also see if we can rustle up some prizes!
Good luck!




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