PLANNING APPLICATIONS (last updated 24.01.2021)

03 Oct 2020


These are the Applications made within the Parish over the last six months, together with the decisions of the Parish Council and Harrogate Borough Council. Earlier applications are available on HBC website (The month shown is when the application was validated by Harrogate Planning Department)



21/03680/FUL - Land West Of The Mill, Church Street, Kirkby Malzeard - Creation of a wheelchair accessible surfaced footpath - Stenbeck Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - pending

21/03999/FUL - Ivy Bank Galphay Road Kirkby Malzeard -  Erection of stables with store - Raw. Parish Council - objectsHBC - pending



21/03661/DVCON - The Laurels, Laverton Village, Laverton - Variation of condition 2 of application 21/01770/FUL to change the proposed roof material from Slate to a profiled metal sheet. In Onduline Classic, Black - Abrahams. Parish Council - objectsHBC - pending

21/02761/FUL - The Pre School Unit, Kirkby Malzeard Church Of England Primary School, Church Bank, Kirkby Malzeard - Retention of existing preschool unit - Carson. Parish Council - supportsHBC - pending

21/03185/FUL - Agri Motors, Kirkby Moor Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of single storey holiday cottage including demolition of existing workshop building. Blakeley. Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - pending

21/03500/TPO - Montbray House, Back Lane, Kirkby Malzeard - Fell 1 no. Sycamore tree within Group 1 of Tree Preservation Order 34/2015. Crawshaw-Rall. Parish Council -  no objectionsHBC - pending

21/03315/FUL - Castiles Farm, Castiles Farm Track, Grantley - Change of use of agricultural barn to form wedding venue, including construction of new external stone steps and mini treatment plant.  Nicholson. Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - pending

21/03447/FUL - Ringbeck, Ringbeck Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of a garage.  Clayton Moore.  Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - permitted


21/03183/FUL - Fairfield House, Main Street,Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of single storey rear extensions and front porch. Michael. Parish Council - SupportsHBC - permitted

21/02950/FUL - Low Missies Farm Cottage, Laverton - Erection of single storey first floor side extension, two storey rear extension and alterations to fenestration. Woolfenden. Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - pending

21/02755/FUL - Drovers Lodge, Dallowgill - Demolition of existing attached garage, removal of existing static caravan. Erection of single storey extensions and alterations to Drovers Lodge to create Estate facilities. Erection of detached garage and store building with staff accommodation above. Dallowgill Estate Partnership Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - permitted

21/02844/FUL - Mount Pleasant Farm, Laverton - Erection of part single storey/part two storey extension to rear. Robinson. Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - pending

21/02776/FUL - Manchester House, Grantley - Erection of single storey rear extension. Parry. Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - permitted

21/02828/FUL - Laver House, Missies Lane, Galphay - Timber clad steel portal frame barn replacing existing barn and stable. Wood Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - permitted


21/02451/FUL - Mowbray Park Farm, Ripon Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of an agricultural building. Atkinson Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - permitted

21/01770/FUL -  The Laurels, Laverton Village, Laverton - Erection of Equestrian stables and associated facilities - Abrahams. Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - permitted

21/02221/FUL - Village Farm Laverton - Conversion of agricultural buildings to single dwelling - Riley. Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - pending


21/01670/CLEUD - Mowbray Park Farm Ripon Road Kirkby Malzeard - Application for certificate of lawful development for the continuing occupancy of the property by Mr and/or Mrs H V Atkinson without complying with the agricultural occupancy restriction (condition 2 of outline permission 91/02963/OUT and condition 6 of reserved matters permission 92/01955/REM). Atkinson. Parish Council - Comments submittedHBC - Pending

21/01810/FUL - Ringbeck Ringbeck Road Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of stables - Moor. Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - permitted

21/00411/FUL - St Andrews House Main Street Kirkby Malzeard - Demolition of existing single storey stone garage building & boundary wall and erection of new two storey garage & home office / studio and new stone boundary walls. Forge Interiors Ltd. Parish Council - objectsHBC - pending

21/01714/FUL - North View, Main Street, Kirkby Malzeard Malzeard - Conversion of small retail shop to ancillary residential use to North View including raising roof height and single storey extension and installation of rooflights; conversion of roof space of North View to additional living accommodation including the installation of roof light windows; alterations to fenestration and other external works including alterations to driveway and parking; installation of sliding gate; and landscaping. RILEY Parish Council - no objections.HBC - permitted


21/01408/FUL -  Kirkby Moor Road Farm Kirkby Moor Road Kirkby Malzeard -  Conversion of stores to form 1no. bedroom residential annex to Kirkby Moor Road Farm. Broadle.  Parish Council - supportsHBC - permitted

21/01215/FUL -  Mount Pleasant Farm Laverton -  Erection of part two storey part single storey extension. Robinson.  Parish Council - supportsHBC - permitted

21/00906/FUL -  The Laurels Laverton Village Laverton - Conversion and extension of existing outbuilding including raising of roof to form 1 no. dwellinghouse. Abrahams.  Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - permitted


21/00580/FUL -  High Swetton Kirkby Moor Road To Tom Corner Farm Swetton. Conversion of dwelling to form 2 no. dwelling. Chandler.  Parish Council - no objectionsHBC - pending

20/02720/RG3 -  St Andrews Church Church Street Kirkby Malzeard. Repair and rebuild of a retaining wall. Harrogate Borough Council.  Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - permitted

20/02721/LB -  St Andrews Church Church Street Kirkby Malzeard. Repair and rebuild of a retaining wall. Harrogate Borough Council.  Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raisedHBC - permitted


20/04706/FUL -  North Close Farm Kirkby Malzeard. Erection of general industrial and office building.  Mawer.  Parish Council - suppprts. HBC - permitted.

21/00181/OUT -  Ivy Dene Main Street Kirkby Malzeard. Outline application for a detached dwelling with parking (Demolition of existing garage and workshop) with layout only considered.  Palk.  Parish Council - objects. HBC - permitted

21/00613/TPO -  Coverdale Back Lane Kirkby Malzeard. Felling of 3 Ash trees of Tree Preservation Order 34/2015.  Anderson.  Parish Council - supports. HBC - pending


21/00172/REM -  Land Comprising OS Field 5419 Galphay Road Kirkby Malzeard. Reserved matters application for the erection of 1 no. dwelling (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale considered) under Outline Permission 19/03477/OUT - Atkinson.  Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raised. HBC - permitted

20/04686/FUL - 3 Dallow Cottages Grantley. Demolition of various stores and sheds and erection of replacement building - Laverick. Parish Council - supports. HBC - permitted.

21/00053/FUL - Ringbeck Cottage Ringbeck Road Kirkby Malzeard. Erection of single storey extension to rear and alterations to fenestration - Davies. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

21/00137/PNA - Carter Syke Farm, Laverton. Prior notification for the erection of an agricultural building - Bain. Parish Council - not consulted. HBC - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN


20/04874/REMMAJ - Land comprising field at 422819 474158 Back Lane Kirkby Malzeard - reserved matters application for the erection of 33 dwellings with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale considered under Outline Permission 17/04308/OUTMAJ - Broadacres and Mulberry Homes Yorkshire. Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raised. HBC - pending.

20/04702/FUL - Hoggerstone Farm, Dallowgill - erection of two storey extension and lean-to 'link' building to join main house with converted barn - Bromett. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/04587/FUL - The Laurels, Laverton - demoition of existing outbuilding and replacement with new dwelling house - Abrahams. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

20/04366/FUL - Mowbray Park Farm, Ripon Road, Kirkby Malzeard - erection of roof over existing muck store - Atkinson. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/04260/FUL - Brow Cottage, Main Street, Kirkby Malzeard - conversion of outbuilding to form living accommodation - Ramsbottom. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN


20/04929/PROWNY - Carlsmoor Lane, Kirkby Malzeard - Modification Order to upgrade existing public footpath to public bridleway and record new section of public bridleway - NYCC. Parish Council - not consulted. HBC - no objections.

TPO 39.2020 - New House, Laverton - Provisional TPO made by HBC for six months from 03.11.2020 covering three Sycamores. Parish Council - not consulted.


20/03797/PNA - Mowbray Park Farm, Ripon Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Roof over existing Muck Store - Atkinson. Parish Council - not consulted. HBC - prior notification approval refused (planning application now needed).


20/03390/FUL - The Laurels, Laverton - Changes to fenestration, removal of porches, erection of single storey link and conversion of attached barn to form additional living accommodation. Increase in height of part of existing implement shed including alterations to the roof panels and re-cladding - Abrahams. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/03035/DISCON - Ringbeck, Ringbeck Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Application to approve details under Condition 4 (boundary treatments) of  Permission 20/01220/FUL - division of existing dwellinghouse to form two dwelling houses, single storey infill extension and extension of domestic curtilage - Moor. Parish Council - not consulted. HBC - permitted.

20/03307/PNA - Land and buildings at Grid Ref 422950 475754 (Crimbledale Farm), Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of steel portal framed agricultural building - Frankland. Parish Council - not consulted. HBC - permitted.

20/02903/FUL - 6 St Andrews Gate, Kirkby Malzeard - erection of part single and part two storey extension to rear - Weatherer. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/03206/FUL - Greystone Edge, Kirkby Moor Road, Kirkby Malzeard - erection of holiday cottage - Gaunt. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - refused.


20/03121/DVCON - Stone Fold, Main Street, Kirkby Malzeard - Application to vary condition 2 (Approved Plans) to reduce the size of the proposed garage under Permission 18/04797/FUL - demolition of single/two storey extensions, existing garage and outbuildings, erection of replacement two storey extension, gargae and store. Installation of new windows and doors.- Usmar. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/02720/RG3 and 20/02721/LB - St Andrews Church, Church Street, Kirkby Malzeard - Repair and rebuild of a retaining wall (40m) - Harrogate Borough Council. Parish Council - support. HBC - pending.


20/02646/FUL - Manchester House, Dallow - Erection of carport (revised scheme) - Parry. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/02707/FUL - Low Ray Carr, Dallowgill - Demoiltion of conservatory, erection of replacement single storey extension (revised scheme) - Warne. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/02218/FUL - Land south of Parkfield, Galphay Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of single dwelling house - Briahaze Village Homes. Parish Council - objects. HBC - refused.

20/02247/REM - The Grange, Back Lane (South), Kirkby Malzeard - Reserved matters application for the erection of five dwellings (access within the site, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) under outline permission 18/01600/OUT (outline application for erection of 5 dwellings with access considered) - Briahaze Village Homes. Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raised. HBC - permitted.

20/02325/TPO - The Old Rectory, Church Street, Kirkby Malzeard - Crown reduction and crown lift of Copper Beach (T1 of TPO 20/1995) - Owen. Parish Council - no objections. HBC - permitted.

20/02261/FUL - Mowbray Park Farm, Ripon Road, Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of Agricultural Storage Building - Atkinson. Parish Council - neither support nor object but concerns raised. HBC - permitted.

20/02378/FUL - Carlsmoor House Farm, (Carlsmoor), Kirkby Malzeard - Erection of replacement agricultural shed/muck heap cover - Stoney. Parish Council - deferred until further information available. HBC - permitted.


October 2017 

17/04308/OUTMAJ - Land  comprising Field at 422819 474158 Back Lane, Kirkby Malzeard - Outline planning application for the residential development of circa 37 dwellings with associated works including vehicular access from Laverton 'Lane' (Road) - Vernon Land Partnership (Kirkby Malzeard) Ltd. Parish Council - Neither support nor object to - various concerns expressed. HBC - permitted January 2019.

NOTE - Reserved Matters Application made in December 2020.



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