30 Sep 2020

Planning Applications are handled by the Planning Department of Harrogate Borough Council and their website contains detailed information on all cases, not only those currently under consideration, but also those on which decisions have been made in the past.

To access individual cases click on which takes you to the 'Public Access' section of the Planning Department website and using the 'Simple Search' boxes fill in the address, postcode or ideally the reference number of the case (which starts with the year date e.g. 19/00000 or 19/00001 etc.) taken from the Planning applications page of this website. Once the case has opened up click on 'Documents' and then 'View associated documents' and this gives a list of all the letters, plans etc which you can then open by clicking on the underlined words at the beginning of the line. Honestly it is easier than that makes it sound!

If you want to comment on a current Application send you views direct to Harrogate Planning Department on-line or by post, before the deadline date shown on the case record. Please also let the Parish Council know your thoughts either at the Council meeting where the application is being considered (see Agendas), or alternatively contact one of the Councillors before hand. Some minor development work does not require consent being classed as 'Permitted Development'.

The role of the Parish Council

The Parish Council is asked to provide the local view-point and the Planning Department take this into consideration, together with the opinion of other relevant Consultants, before making their decision. They do not however always agree with our view!

Parish Councillors familiarise themselves with the property, sometimes carrying out a site inspection, and study the case information available on the website (also sent to us by HBC in paper format) before discussing the matter at the Council meeting. We make our decision based on what is best for the community as a whole.

There are four options which we arrive at by majority decision:

A) The Parish Council has no objections.

B) The Parish Council objects on the following planning grounds.....

C) The Parish Council does not object to, or support, the Application but wishes to make comments or seek safeguards as follows......

D) The Parish Council supports the Application.

Once our opinion has been provided it is shown on the Applications list on this website as referred to above (as well as in the Minutes of our Meetings).

The ultimate decision made by Harrogate Borough Council is also shown once it has been published.

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